Akkermansia mucciniphila improves healthspan and lifespan in old female mice

I’d say don’t bother with the test. Just get a one month supply of Akkermansia and the polyphenols and try it out. If it takes, then great
If not, you didn’t need to waste money on the test.

Yes, spend the money you’ve saved on rhubarb!

Rhubarb Supplementation Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity and Diabetes in Association with Increased Akkermansia muciniphila in Mice - PMC.

“In reality, rhubarb might directly interact with goblet cells producing mucus to modulate the production of Akkermansia muciniphila. It is accepted that Akkermansia muciniphila uses intestinal mucins (proteins of the epithelial mucus layer) as its main source of carbon and nitrogen [74].”


if the Thorne test is too expensive in this case that might be ok, in general I really think we want to test as much as possible when doing interventions

For anyone above HbA1c testing that metric before might be an indirect test on whether the gut is getting remodeled in a good way here.

Or do CMG before or after (while keeping diet, etc similar).


Indeed, one can never have too much data!

It is plausible that Akkermansia is the reason my HbA1c fell 0.5 in the last 3 months. I have been taking Akkermansia for the last 2 months.


Hello, may I ask if you ordered the blue-packaged pure Akkermansia or the blood sugar control variant? Thank you.

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Some people (I think @Joseph_Lavelle and @desertshores ?) got pure akkermansia, others (me included) got the one they used in the clinical trial “full glucose control”)

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I bought the Pendulum pure Akkermansia and the polyphenols. Iherb had the best price.


I bought Akkermansia directly from Pendulum. They have a subscription model. After 2 mos I was cancelling (my original plan), but accepted their offer to continue at a discounted rate. I will cancel after 3 mos due to cost. I think it has helped but I need to find out if the Akkermansia has taken root. I see 4 outcomes.

(1) does not take root. I have to continually supplement to get the benefit
(2) does take root but fades. I have to periodically supplement
(3) does take root and remains viable as long as I maintain a sufficient diet. I do not have to supplement continually or periodically unless I had to kill off my microbiome with antibiotics etc
(4) does nothing for me. I do not need to ever take it again. (I’ll be looking at my HbA1c)


There is an association between metformin and increased Akkermansia in the gut.
Metformin continues to be a very useful drug.
“Compared with participants without diabetes, participants with diabetes taking metformin had higher relative abundance of Akkermansia muciniphila”
How does metforming do this?
“the hypothesis that metformin shifts gut microbiota composition through the enrichment of mucin-degrading A. muciniphila as well as several SCFA-producing microbiota.”


I ordered the Thorne kit. Don’t like shooting in the dark.


Let us know the results. I’m curious too if the critters are sticking but not going to pay to know. I figure, if they do stick around after 2 months of supplementation, great — then I don’t need to keep taking Pendulum. If they don’t stick around, then Pendulum is too expensive anyway and should be discontinued—only picked up if I’m to use antibiotics here or there. So in the end my purchasing decisions would be the same regardless.


I bought the Pendulum Akkermansia directly from Pendulum, 3 month supply. Extra fees at the Canadian border so quite expensive!


There is another akkermansia supplement

Akkermansia contains 100 million AFU of a patented strain of Akkermansia muciniphila. This unique strain is called a keystone strain for gut health as it restores, protects, and strengthens the digestive lining. Codeage Team


They’re based in Boca Raton,. FL.


It’s quite difficult to determine whether this Akkermansia is alive or dead. Pendulum claims that their equipment is the only one in the world capable of producing live Akkermansia.


How difficult really, would it be to culture a strain of bacteria? I went to google patents and found five patents granted to akkermansia formulations.

Willem Meindert De Vos
Current Assignee
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Liam O’Mahony
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Colleen Cutcliffe
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James H. Bullard
Current Assignee
Pendulum Therapeutics Inc

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There are live and dead forms of this probiotic. My feeling is that you want the live form - so would make sure that is what you are getting.

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It would have to be hard to deal with an anaerobic organism. It dies if exposed to air. But I can’t make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so what do I know.


You’ve just lost all credibility in my eyes @Joseph_Lavelle Making a perfect P&J sandwich is the bare minimum level for biohacking street cred. :wink:

Just kidding. Einstein didn’t know how to tie his shoes, and we all know how insignificant he was…


As a kid I lived on pb&j. I could make a killer triple decker. But that was in the past. Now I just eat some nuts or tuna if I want a snack.