Akkermansia mucciniphila improves healthspan and lifespan in old female mice

What has the experience been?

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For unknown reasons, I started experiencing stomach upset when I ate dinner (gas, bloating). I eat a high fiber diet but hadn’t changed anything so I was waiting it out. And waiting. I started on akkermansia. At first I had loose bowels but on day 2 settled down. After a few days I was back to normal but with better, faster transit time and zero constipation (I have had a tendency to it forever). If I can keep this state without supplementation I will be happy.


I bought two bottles on iherb, i dont se why this one wont colonise the gut since it eats and renevs gutmucus and lives in it… unless you go on another antibiotic cure it should have all the feed it wants to reproduce and continue life etc


Sorry, which product is this if my ask, sorry if I missed it.

Not sure if links are allowed, this one i ordered: https://www.iherb.com/pal/referral/pdp/JOX200?productId=124047&rcode=JOX200&utm_medium=appshare . Bit pricy, but curiosity got to me :sweat_smile:


If I were to try Akkermansia, that’s the product I would try. Let us know how well it works! :slight_smile:


Well, I decided to buy some Akkermansia from Pendulum on iHerb. I also bought the polyphenol booster. @Joseph_Lavelle Are you supposed to take this with a meal, after a meal, before a meal or on an empty stomach? Just trying to give these little guys the best chance I can. :slight_smile:

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You can find out your akkermansia level, relative to a healthy adult population, as a line item in a Thorne gut health report.

The two red dots are at 8%, and then 14%, three months later. Was targeting other things during that period.

I’m one month into a three month trial of Glucose Control. Will do another Thorne report at the end of March and see what changed.


@DeStrider I take with my breakfast of steelcut oatmeal, wheat bran, and berries to provide food for the bugs. I am only doing Akkermansia for 3 months…I hope it takes. I eat about 50g of fiber a day from 30 different plants a week (fiber and phytonutrients) so I am providing as welcoming an environment as possible.


My pendulum Akkermansia arrived today. I bought the polyphenol booster. I’ll try it for a month. I’m hoping to see some weight loss before I buy another month.


I listened to Colleen on the Attia podcast and given gut discomfort IBS and high blood glucose levels (A1c 5.8, fasting BG 5.6 (over 100 for those in USA) despite 3 years of low carb/sometimes keto. I decided to try Akkermansia product (NOT the Glucose control product). It’s been 2 weeks and my fasting BG has been 4.8 several days and have gotten readings in the 4s in the afternoon!!

This is huge for me. I’ve been using apple cider vinegar, fiber drinks etc to try and get it down and help my gut discomfort, even went carnivore for a month, all to no avail. One attempt at Berberine sent my gut into a horror show. Also taking other probiotics like Align, and Japanese Dr Ohira for years to help with IBS, which has also improved this month.

I’ll continue taking my 3 month supply and plan to ramp down slowly over that time to see if I can sustain it. Also am getting some of the Clostridium Butyricum from AOR Probiotic 3 to complement it.


Thank you. Took my first dose of akkermansia today. I took the Super Smart brand; “manufactured in the USA.”

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Are there particular fiber supplements you use to help with this?
For fibers apart from the easy to find ones like psyllium, inulin, apple pectin, oat fiber, and glucomannan.

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Do you have a testing plan or more looking at HbA1c + feeling?

This is so great to hear :muscle:

I don’t supplement fiber. I just eat a lot of plants. 30 different plants a week including spices, fruit, seeds, veg… Probably the most fiber comes from steelcut oatmeal, celery, carrots, blueberries …just due to volume. I’d measure it all if I thought it would be worth it.

Good luck! My gut seems healthier but I’m doing this for a blood glucose benefit. Fingers crossed.

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Is this the test pasted below?

How good was the rest of the the report it provides?

Does anyone have a sense for how many days before a test one would want to stop taking the proobiotic in question (in my case Pendulum Glucose Control combination pills) ahead of a micro biome test?

Gut Health Test with Microbiome Wipe & Reviews | Thorne?

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Are you trying to determine if the pills have akkermansia or if the akkermansia have taken root? If the latter, I’d wait a month. Or I’d do it before starting the supplement. I did not do that myself, darn it.

I’m taking the Pendulum Akkermansia product along with the Seed probiotics and a different multi strain one specifically selected to fight off chronic UTIs that I’m dealing with.

I listened to a pretty good interview with the founder of Seed who is a legit microbiome researcher PhD and who mentioned that Akkermansia specifically loves the polyphenols of green tea — that was good to hear as I live on green tea daily.

Then I came across a paper in this forum whose link I lost. They cited mixed evidence from green tea (but it was a meta analysis of other studies whereas the Seed founder had actually worked with Akkermenia in the lab and spoke from first hand experience) but cited studies indicating that rhubarb supplementation skyrocketed the % of Akkermansia in feces — not sure if animal or human trials but likely the former.

So did supplementation with fructo oligosaccharides. Inulin not so much. All this stuff is easily found on Amazon. I think anyone buying the expensive Pendulum product could do worse than back that investment with the right prebiotics to give it a chance to stick.

So far I notice much more regular — what do they call it? — evacuations since I’ve been taking seed + Akkermansia.


I started Pendulum Akkermansia about ten days ago with the idea that I’d try it for 90 days and see what happens. I decided not to increase my fiber intake, hoping that what I eat is enough (e.g., supplement with a teaspoon of psyllium, along with an apple, a serving of mixed berries and a handful of nuts daily). So far I’d say my regularity has improved. I’ll report any significant perceived benefits beyond that. After I listened to Peter Attia’s recent podcast about gut health (that was linked above), I wanted to start their Glucose Control product, but currently there seems to be a waitlist for it.

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