A bit of advice to you older guys, basic life extension

I am a 12 year survivor of advanced stage ovarian cancer, with no reoccurrences.
Diagnosed at 53. I did Keto, metformin, high dose melatonin, high dose Vit C,
Pectasol, curcumin, 3G fish oil, hot yoga, + conventional treatments: surgery, chemo, and Avastin… I agree with Bicep above with the other treatments now that I didn’t know about, I like Berberine, too. Some of my friends with cancer use both berberine and metformin recommended by their functional medicine drs…

Good luck! You are on the right track


PSMA pet scan is the new gold standard for potential PCa metastases. I just had one after a 3T prostate MRI with contrast.

The treatment for prostate Ca even if it has metastasized has come light years from where we were just 10 years ago!


This implies Thomas Seyfreid is right.


Get a PSMA Pet scan and a 3t Multiparametric MRI NOW!!!


Please take a look at Michael Greger, MD’s book, How Not to Die, specifically the chapter regarding PCa, where he indicates the possible benefit of a whole food plant based Vegan diet. Such diet eliminates animal protein and its harmful AAs (methionine and BCAAs, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), which likely act to amplify mTOR activity… the last thing you want with PCa. He notes that 3Tb of ground Flaxseed daily is beneficial and in at least one case has reversed PCa. Good Luck to all of us.


I like Dr. Greger and almost all of his proposals have scientific merit. However, I do think he exaggerates the effects and benefits of the things he is touting.


In what form? I am taking just 3mg compounded instant release for past 5 years…but a side effect seems to be early wakening. Every night 3am. I take it at 10pm.

The issue you have is waking when it runs out. I tend to take melatonin part way through the night rather than before going to bed.

Thats really interesting! Last night I combined it with ecklonia cava fell asleep and at 3 am I was so wide awake I took one drop of CBN which helped me sleep until 7am. My GP keeps saying increase the melatonin dose - but maybe I could just take another small dose at 3 am.

How quickly do you get back to sleep? It may be worth waiting a sleep cycle which is normally around 90 mins.

Michael Greiger Is the only honest longevity expert that still has maintained credibility. Davidson, Sinclair, Matt Kablan, and the rest have shown their true colors and it’s green.

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Hope you don’t mean Matt Kaeberlein (“the mother of all rapamycins”)? You do realize that you could get banned here for saying something like that. We genuflect whenever his name is mentioned.


I don’t genuflect at Matts mention, but he his one of the main reasons I started taking Rapamycin. I was listing to a Tim Ferris conversation with Matt and they discussed this new anti aging strategy. I am now 69 years old and as the aging process really starts to kick in you start to think about how you might slow that process down. I started taking Rapa about 8 months ago and although I don’t have many specifics things I can point to as obvious life changing effects, I do believe it is worth continuing.

That said, I did immediately notice a reduction in gum bleeding when I flossed. Oral health is one of the most mentioned benefits that I have read about and that appears to be true for me.

I did notice a very nasty article recently about Matt. It sounded like a total hit job. Someone or some organization is after him. It really sucks. From my perspective the only thing they have to complain about is that fact that Matt is using his position to make some money for his efforts. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with that. If he was promoting some snake oil that would be a different thing, but I don’t believe that applies to Matt at all.

Broadly speaking science is under attack, this worries me. The advancement of science is at the forefront of the continued success of our species. I will continue to support the Matt’s of this world, and hope I will be still cheering him on when I am 120 years old and still loving life!


Make sure you have the tumor genetically sequenced. It altered my brother’s treatment when his prostate tumor was biopsied.


Absolutely. I was going to ask the doc if some material from the cores could be saved, just in case I might be able to go w/ focal treatment (not removal). As AI “ripens” I think that instead of analyzing a few or tens of genes they’ll be able to look at hundreds, then thousands, and “individual” treatment will become more and more precise.

I had a multi-parametric MRI today, 1 hour and 15 minutes of sequential testing, wow.

I shall do so, thank you. I’ll get a copy of his book and his cookbook, too.

That an Multi-parametric MRI. I had that today w/ contrast and I image that next comes biopsy (trans-peritoneal, next week, and then I imagine PSMA-PET, amazing tech. That stuff grabs onto the cell walls of cancerous cell at a rate of up to 1000x what it does to normal cells. Just amazing.

No time is a good time to get cancer but damn, today is so much better than even 5-10 years ago. Even radiation has improved immensely, more precision, and lower doses.


Big food, big Pharma and big medicine all want to lynch Matt. On that note, Matt is definitely one of the most if not the most credible researchers on YouTube.

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Since when is Big Pharma against MK?

I think the whole idea of trying to starve cancer of glucose by going keto is a flawed idea for two reasons. Firstly it’s an overgeneralization to think cancers are necessary fueled mainly by glucose. In some cases they are, in others they are not. Secondly, you can’t really starve cancer cells of glucose by changing your diet. Even on a keto diet there will still be lots of glucose in the blood for the cancer. Yes, it will be less than if the person is eating more carbs, and in some cases that could possibly help slow down the growth of the cancer, but I think people are fooling themselves if they think they can “starve” the cancer of glucose or whatever energy it needs to grow.