Rapamycin and Parkinson's disease

I am interested in any papers or animal trials related to Parkinson’s or even any anecdotal evidence of benefit of Rapamycin in Parkinson’s.


It seems like it may provide some benefit. I recommend you hunt around on Pubmed…

There appears to be some linkage between age-related essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease.
Before I started rapamycin, I am 82 years old, I was experiencing age-related essential tremors. After a few months of rapamycin, they completely disappeared. This was something I was not expecting and did not notice it until it occurred to me that my hands were not shaking when eating.

This study was of course on mice, but it certainly gives some hope.

“Rapamycin can effectively alleviate symptoms of PD”

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Thanks for this - very interesting. What dose of rapamycin are you taking? As far as PD goes, I am interested for a patient of mine with very early symptoms. I’ve had a mild essential tremor for years and have been on the rapa for less than 3 months ago I’m looking forward to seeing if any of those things change.


I was following a suggested protocol at the time based on Dr. Mikhail V. Blagosklonny’s work and Twitter feeds.

So like most here, I am self-experimenting. I started off with 5mg/week with EVOO then tried 20mg with GFJ and EVOO once every two weeks.

Blagosklonny’s recommendation at the time was pulse dosing at the maximum amount that did not produce unwanted side effects. The 2-week pulse regimen is based on allowing 5 half-lives to occur between doses. The current popular 1-week regimen is apparently based on mTOR modulation. The 20mg with GFJ and EVOO may have been equivalent to ~40 to 80 mg of rapamycin. Some will think this is a foolishly high dose, but it has been pointed out that even massive overdoses produced no lasting adverse effects.

The 20mg with GFJ produced mild diarrhea on the second and third days after taking the dose.

I now am titrating back up to the max I can take with GFJ. Right now I am taking 5mg/week with GFJ and EVOO. This dose produces no apparent side effects. I get blood work regularly and try to keep my lipids in the “normal” range.

I am 82 and a self-experimenter and do not recommend to anyone to follow anything I do.

Most studies for longevity indicate higher doses for longer lifespans.

These charts have been posted before, but I will save you the trouble of looking for them.


There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of online evidence, does there? But I have PD and I’m trying it–8mg/week since December. Had PD for 8 years…can’t say I see much difference yet and wonder if I should dial it up. But I also fast and eat keto, so maybe that’s confounding?

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I think the effects are likely to be slower than that. In terms of dialling it up, have you had any side effects at 8mg? It probably depends on your age and weight as well. Are you taking meds for the PD?

Ha, yes, I guess I know that. Really, the best I hope for is a slowing or (dare I say) stopping of progression, and of course, that’s nearly impossible to measure.

No side effects yet (keep waiting for pimples!) and I wonder about dialing it up but I’m a little scared. I’m 66 (as of yesterday, actually! :o) and pretty tall + skinny. 140lbs.

My symptoms are still one-sided. I don’t take any dopamine. I take rasagiline because when I was diagnosed there was a study that suggested a hint of neuroprotection and my Dr. was all over it. Not sure it does much.

I take a stack of supplements–the usual, probably, for this crowd. What I believe (with no hard evidence) has helped the most is exercise and DIET–as I said I eat keto, and fast. And oh yes, I have a GBA mutation…if that means anything to you.

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